The Film Museum – Cineteket

We have a lot of nice Wallander activities to offer. It is easy to book the tickets online. If you have further questions, please contact us.

 WallanderaktiviteterProduction work – from start ‘til finished product, Cineteket offers:

Movie screenings

A chance to look at photos from the Swedish Crime Fiction television show “the Bridge” and from Wallander of course

Play with our Blue Screen

Watch a behind-the-scenes film about the Wallander projects

Learn about filming


It is 11 years since the film museum opened!

It has been many nice years with many Wallander tourists from all over the world. 2017 is the last year we are open in our present locations. Early 2018 we
will move over to Ystad Studios and create a total new business together with the regional refund center Film in Skåne. It will be a film experience center for both adults and children.

So – please go ahead and visit us for the last time!







We are  especially proud of our collection of film memorabilia from Wallander – clothes, sets, props – from both the Swedish and English productions.

We also arrange activities especially designed for schools, travelling agencies, companies and so on – whatever you would like; we will try and arrange it for you.

If you are  a group of people and you want to visit Cineteket out of the ordinary opening hours – please contact us and we will arrange your visit.

Tour of Ystad Studios
During the peak season the visitor can go on a guided tour of Ystad Studios. A number of films have been recorded here, including Frostbitten, A Rational Solution, SVT's The Milky Way and Beyond. In the studio you can see, among other things, the spaceship from SVT's The Milky Way. These guided tours are sold as a package in connection with a visit to Cineteket.


Special offers

Swedish Wallander

We can offer a unique special package for groups on the theme of films. 

 The activity, which is organised is partnership with Film in Skåne, includes a unique visit to Ystad Studios in the company of a guide and a guided tour of Cineteket.




About Cineteket

In addition to providing an insight into how films are produced, visitors have the chance to see film presentations, try their hand at making their own animations, meet the people behind the films, have a go at trick filming and much more besides.

The visitor can follow work on producing a Swedish feature film in our film exhibition - which begins with an explanation and ends with a visit to our cosy little short film cinema. On the way you can create your own stories, learn more about film production, go behind the scenes at a film and read a film script, trying your hand at animating and experiencing trick filming using a blue screen.

We're especially proud of our unique collection of  Wallander props, consisting of scenery, clothes and props from both Swedish and British productions.

 We also offer activities that are specially adapted for schools, travel companies and corporate events. We customise according to the visitor's own preferences!

Reservation for possible changes to the programme content.



Elis Nilssons väg 8
(right next to Ystad Studios)

+46 411-57 70 57
+46 709-47 70 57

Opening hours

March 4 to May 28 Monday-Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm

June 3 to Sep 30 Daily 10 am to 4 pm



Adult: 60 SEK
Child: 25 SEK
(children under the age of 6 are free)

Pay with cash or credit card.


(As a group, if you want to pay by invoice, we’ll need your Corporate Identity Number and contact information: name, address, telephone number and e-mail)


A real film location experience

Let the map guide you through the film town of Ystad and experience the film locations from many of the famous films and TV series that were shot here. Take a walk!

Bild på mobiltelefon med karta 

Walk of film
In the footsteps of Wallander

On screen at Cineteket

The Bridge documentary