Mixed Reality Scandinavia

Fiction tourism is a growing market, and its effects on a destination gets increasingly important. How can a destination grow and benefit from the effects of fiction tourism?

Our well known Scandinavian conference on fiction tourism, annually arranged in Ystad, Sweden and at pop up venues since 2009 has been groundbreaking since the start.

Our aim is to share the best practice available in the field of fiction tourism and destination development, invite the most skilled speakers to the conference, focus on areas like new technology and to change local and regional policies.

Ystad Municipality together with different co partners invite you to Mixed Reality Scandinavia – an annual conference with good examples on strategies and efforts where literature, film and other fiction create product and destination development.

Mixed Reality 13-14th November 2018

We have been on tour to Malmö, London and Karlskrona - this year we will be back in Ystad for a conference in our new experience centre about film -
Ystad Studios Visitor Center.

For the anniversary we have invited favorite speakers from previous editions who will give us a review of the 10 years. We have also invited new and interesting persons who will present cases about film tourism development in their regions. The important overall theme is: how did the activities start, problems and learnings on the way and future development of the activities.




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Petra Rundqvist
Film Strategist

Mobile: +46 (0)709-47 77 19