Presentation of Lars Brunström

Installation, sculpture


Lars Brunström works with moving mechanical sculptures. He collects inspiration from the patterns of movement of people, animals and machines. He has made several moving black sculptures depicting slithering animals that slowly, in a pre-programmed pattern, glide like silhuettes over white podiums. For the exhibition in RoomFive this summer we meet a crab that crawls around in the installation A Better Place. On the shiny white podium we also find a black dusty armchair and a briefcase. The animals shape and movement are taken from nature but the wild colorful unexpected nature lies far away. The animals spontaneous movements have been unnaturally limited and distorted as have the time, room and context. Here we are talking more about an image than a representation, an image of a state. Inspiration has been collected partly from HG Wells sci fi novel The Time Machine where the last living creatures on earth are crabs that walk around in the ruins of mans different time periods. Lars Brunström, born 1972 graduated from Malmö Art academy a couple of years ago. He now resides in Stockholm.

Publicerad 2009-06-25, Uppdaterad 2014-10-14