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Art in and around Ystad & Österlen. That art has a great significance in south-eastern Skåne is hard to miss. A large number of artists live and work in Österlen and the art world here is multifaceted. Here you will find everything from Scanian painting to modern art installations.

If you come here during the Easter week when Östra Skåne's Artists' Group, ÖSKG, invites you to the annual art round, the selection is so large that you may need help choosing which studios and galleries you want to visit! But that's a pleasant problem, isn 't it?

A good place to start your Art Round is at Tjörnedala Art Gallery, which is open all year round. Here, all participants during the art week are represented with at least one, then choose from those you like and go there. It's not harder than that!

Museums and art galleries also display very interesting art. At Ystad Art Museum, for example, you will find a unique and rich selection of both local and internationally renowned artists. The museum also often has interesting special exhibitions. This also applies to the art galleries in Tomelilla and Sjöbo.

In Simrishamn you will find Österlen's museum. In the small village of Simris, Gallery Thomas Wallner has its business. The gallery has access to fantastic spaces to exhibit, amounting to 350 square meters. One of Sweden's most interesting galleries focusing on young artists from Scandinavia, Europe and the USA.

Kivik Art Center is a center for contemporary art on Lilla Stenshuvud just south of Kivik on Österlen. The ambition is to create a creative place and a place for unique experiences in a nature with magnificent views. Snogeholm LandArt - art and nature in symbiosis in one of our most beautiful nature areas.


Per Helsas Gård in Ystad, a creative center for craftsmen, artists, designers and galleries, centrally on the city's pedestrian street. Per Helsas Gård is one of the Nordic region's best-preserved half-timbered quarters. The oldest parts are from the 17th century. Since 1968, Per Helsas Gård has been classified as a building monument.


Other interesting tips, just to name a few: Rikstolvan, Fabriken, Gylleboverket, Kabusa Art gallery, Konsthantverksgruppen KAOS, Recycle glass design.

For more inspiration in the area, visit: Österlen.se


The area is full of exciting and unique design shops, studios and workshops. Dare to deviate from the main highways, look for signs and stay where it looks exciting - You may be pleasantly surprised!

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Dag Hammarskjöld is best known for his work as UN Secretary-General from 1953 until his death and as such died at his post when the plane he was traveling in crashed into the jungles of Northern Rhodesia in September 1961. Read more about the home which now is a museum.



The Abbey

The abbey in Ystad is a former gray brother monastery in Ystad, founded in 1267.
It is one of the oldest and best preserved monastery facilities in Sweden.


Ales Stenar, Kåseberga

The shipwreck consists of 59 stones, each weighing around 5 tons. The entire shipwreck is approximately 67 meters long and 19 meters wide and is Sweden's largest preserved. It stands 32 meters above sea level on Kåsehuvud, with a view of the steep coast and Bornholm.Ales stenar