Film in Ystad

Mariagatan, Sir Kenneth Branagh, Mr Krister Henriksson, the dog named Jussi from the famous opera singer Mr Jussi Björling and Ystad with its surroundings! Have you enjoyed the films and the books then, welcome to our Wallander world!


In 2004 the old air defence hallls in a military area of Ystad were converted to Ystad Studios, a fantastic film studio a 3,500 square metre buildning. Next door is Ystad Studios Visitor Center situated. Here are activities for all ages. As well as an insigt inot what film production is like. You can try to make trick filming if you want. 

Here you will also find the unique Wallander exhibition, consisting of props and scenes from the Swedish and British productions. 


Step into Wallander's world and solve a murder mystery in Ystad!

In collaboration with Leopard publishing house: A self-guided city walk through Ystad, based on Henning Mankell's Wallander short story "Fotografens död".

Publicerad 2021-02-15, Uppdaterad 2023-07-06

The city, the films, the tourists

The unique downtown of Ystad, with its half-timbered houses and medieval and fantastic surroundings offers a nice setting. Read about Wallander and how it works to shoot in Ystad.

Take a look at the film.


A real film location experience

Let the map guide you through the film town of Ystad and experience the film locations from many of the famous films and TV series that were shot here. Take a walk!

In the footsteps of Wallander