About Ystad and its surroundings

Ystad is located on Sweden´s southern coast. A person traveling from Copenhagen to Ystad is in fact moving south! We have ferry conections to Poland and to the Danish island Bornholm.

Ystad municipally is barely 20 km wide from its south edge to its northermost corner. From east to west it is 40 km. 

There is great varitey of interesting and cultural activities and nice places to go sightseeing. The theatre, a lovely building built in 1894, the abbey from 1267 which today is the town museum the art museum with more modern art. You can find Per Helsas Gård, the best preserved half-timbered district in the Nordic countries.

Search activities and places to go sightseeing in Ystad & Österlen.

Välkommen till Ystad
Upphovsman: Jonas Olsson, Ystads kommun
Publicerad 2013-07-08, Uppdaterad 2020-04-27

The little train

We have long been accustomed to the fact that summer means the premiere of Lilla Tåget in Ystad ... but, nothing is as usual this year and we unfortunately have to announce that the train is stationary for the time being due to the prevailing pandemic.
Follow us for further updates on the train! We keep our fingers crossed that it will roll again soon 💙


Is available for day time trips in and around Ystad, starting at Österportstorg - Öbergs hörna - Hamntorget (the harbour/square) - St. Knuts torg/Bollhusgatan - Jaktpaviljongen - Fritidsbaren - Ystad Saltsjöbad/Strandvägen.

The city tours are free! Hop-on - hop-off!
The tours to the beach area in Sandskogen costs 20 SEK/person. Cash payment only.

Timetable: http://citygruppen.com/lilla-taget/