To see and do in Ystad

There is great varitey of interesting and cultural activities and nice places to go sightseeing – for the whole family. Search activities and places to go sightseeing in Ystad & Österlen.

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Welcome to the beach!

Ystad has some of the nicest beaches in Sweden. But even though there's room for everyone, things can get a bit cramped elsewhere. By this we mean the emergency access roads from Österleden down to the beach at Sandskogen. Please don't park your car there, as in the case of an accident the emergency services must be able to access the beach with their vehicles – for your own safety and peace of mind.

Take the bus or the bike to the beach

There are no less than three cycle paths to choose from in Ystad! One in Sandskogen, one along Österleden and one along the beach. Did you know that there are also three bus routes to choose from: numbers 5, 322 and 570?

If you're unsure about how to pay for the journey, please call Skånetrafiken on 0771-77 77 77.

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