Apps für Smartphones Kåseberga & Ales Stenar (in english)

Now the app Ales stones available on the AppStore for iPhone

Ales stones, spellbinding beauty and mystery. Ales appikon

The ancient monument on Kåseberga ridge is one of Sweden´s most visited tourist attractions throughout the year. Mystique combined with the feeling of sea, sky and wind makes the place a great outdoor experience. The fishing village Kåseberga offers smokehouse, restaurants, galleries and accommodations for visitors in typical Scanian style.

A travel guide to the megalith Ales stones and the fishing village Kåseberga near Ystad in southern Sweden. This travel guide has information about the area and the megalith, and it gives you the history and essential info. The guide with its GPS is useful when in Kåseberga walking around the village searching for information.
This new local guide has been created especially for the iPhone, but works on iPad and iPod as well.
Flick through the pictures, read the insightful info, view the location on the map.
Our guide about Ales stenar have been specially written by the Swedish National Heritage Board
The travel guide Ales stenar gives you information in Swedish, English, German, French and Spanish.

Kåseberga Ales stenar

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