Guided tours for groups

Discover more with a guide - a good way to get to know Ystad & Österlen!

Go with a bigger or a smaller group - or on your own - with a guide!
The guided tours are suited to match the interest and need of the group and can be done in any theme. A popular way of discovering the small picturesque historical Ystad is by following in the footsteps of Criminal Inspector Kurt Wallander.

You can also get to know other more unknown bits of our history for instance: South Swedish/Danish history and the many castles in the area; or by i The Monastery of Ystad and the many historical quirks of medieval names of the streets; the local modern times actors such as Anna Q, Ernst-Hugo Järegård and paying a visit the the beautiful Ystads Theater for a guide tour behind the curtains; or going east with a bus to the old Kåseberga fishing village, get to know the history and follow the guide up the Kåseberga ridge. This is where the Ales stenar (stone ship) monument is sited - a mystichal place.. This is only a few of the suggestions for an exciting day on the go!

Tip for groups/organizers:

  • Talk to the guide to weawe in your topic of special interest in Ystad och Österlen! 
  • Combinera picturesque with grand history! For instance; do a historical city walk with a touch of Wallander and continue the guided tour by bus to the megaliths of Ales stenar for a whole day of memorable experiences of Ystad!




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