Kids and family

Fun for all ages in Ystad & Österlen

With over 40 km of sandy beaches and the inviting climb-friendly forest all along the beach area, we are not too worried that the kids won't have anything to do - but we have also quite a few extra treats for them! 


Ystad Djurpark

In Skårby there is the zoo, Ystad Djurpark, with lots of exotic animals, Swedish animals and small animals. Here you see tha zebras roam the grassy hills in the South Swedish landscape along with camels, antilopes and kangaroos. Lemurs and parakeets are among the all together over 60 speices that live and thrive in Ystad Djurpark. Bring a picnic basket, and your dog if you want or climb to the tree house café - but be prepared to want to spend the whole day.
On a hot summer day the animal park even offers a cooling dip in the childrens pool area!

In Nybrostrand there is an open air temperate pool area, with waterpark features such as a water slide - during winter the open air pools are closed and you can play indoors at the Fritidsbadet in Ystad!



To sea!

Join the crew at the galease ”Helene” from Ystad out to sea - try  manuevering, setting sails! You can also do some fishing around Ystad with the M/S Baltic Explorer on a day trip to Kåseberga.

Sailing-, swimming-, tennis-, and golf schools are also held during summer in many places. For horse lovers there is even riding classes and many different versions of horse back riding!




Photo: Fredrik Ekblad. Sprutmönstring!

Veteran fire engine and the ”Little Train” 

Tag along Ystads Frivillige Bergnings-Corps on the veteran fire engine for a ride around Ystad. There are guided tours for all ages! ”Sprutmönstringen” takes place on the first Sunday in August - that's a very popular kids activity! Picture yourself jumping and dancing around in the water released by the Veteran fire enging - in the middle of the city square, Stortorget! Good fun for all ages. Prepare to get absolutely soaked!


Lilla tåget

The ”Little Train” runs in central Ystad during summer. It can also take you out to the beaches in Sandskogen - it is a perfect way to both get around and see Ystad!

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