Henning Mankell

Our great International Swedish writer.

Henning Mankell was born in Stockholm in 1948 and grew up in Sveg and Borås.
As a teenager he spent a short period of time in Paris before going to sea, it was during this period of his life that he began to be interested in theatre and writing.

Litterary accomplishment
His first novel, Bergsprängaren (The Rock Blaster) was published in 1973, this was followed by Sandmålaren (the Sand Painter) in 1974.
During the 1980s he published a number of books including books for young people.

His big breakthrough was in 1991 when he published his first Wallander book Mördare utan ansikte (Faceless Killers); although this was not intended to be one of a series, he has now published 10 books with Wallander as the main character.

Henning Mankell is now considered to be one of the great Swedish writers of detective stories and his Wallander books have sold over 30 million copies in over 30 countries; quite a few of these have been made into films, and there have been both Swedish and English film productions.


Theater & Plays
Mankell has also followed his interest in the theatre and written a number of plays. The theatre group Ystads Stående Teatersällskap has performed 'Flickan och flygaren' and 'Horisonttjuven' on the stage in the grounds of Marsvinsholm. They have also performed the monologue 'Grävskopan' over a period of fifteen years at Ystad Theatre.

Mankell has been awarded numerous awards for his works including the Ast-rid Lindgren Memorial Award, August-priset, Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis, the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers' Award and The Macallan Gold Dagger.

Since the beginning of the 1990s Henning Mankell has lived in Maputo on Mozambique where he not only continues to write but also works as a dramaturge and director with Teatro Avenida - a theatre project he started in 1986.
He also works to help local writers to publish their works and is deeply engaged in the fight against AIDS and the work of clearing landmines in Africa.

Henning Mankell o Desmond Tutu


Foto: Desmond Tutu and Henning Mankell



Other novels by Henning Mankell:

Bergsprängaren, 1973
Sandmålaren, 1974
Vettvillingen, 1977
Fångvårdskolonin som försvann, 1979
Dödsbrickan, 1980
En seglares död, 1981
Daisy sisters, 1982
Apelsinträdet, 1983
Älskade syster, 1983
Sagan om Isidor, 1984

Leopardens öga (The Eye of the Leopard), 1990
Hunden som sprang mot en stjärna, 1990

Skuggorna växer i skymningen, 1991
Katten som älskade regn, 1992
Eldens hemlighet, 1995
Comédia infantil (Comédia infantil), 1995
Pojken som sov med snö i sin säng, 1996
Berättelse på tidens strand, 1998
Resan till världens ände, 1998Vindens son, 2000
Labyrinten (The Labyrinth), 2000

Danslärarens återkomst (The Return of the Dancing Master), 2000
Eldens gåta, 2001
Tea-Bag (Tea-Bag), 2001
Jag dör, men minnet lever, 2003

Djup (Depth), 2004

Kennedys hjärna (Kennedy's Brain), 2005

Italienska skor (Italian Shoes), 2006
Eldens vrede, 2007

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