May 20–August 20, 2017

Elsewhere is an exhibition that for the first time presents a significant number of works from Region Skånes art collection. The exhibition features works of art that we usually encounter in a health care environment, for example in a waiting room or at a clinic. Region Skåne is operating on behalf of the citizens and is responsible for healthcare and public transport, culture, infrastructure, social planning and environmental related issues in Skåne. The purpose of placing art in health care institutions is to create health-promoting and stimulating environments for patients, relatives and staff.

The art collection includes approximately 33 000 works of art from over 5000 artists. This exhibition brings together about a hundred unique expressions and artists.

The exhibition is divided into two parts. The second floor presents the art collection's documentary history, starting in the 1960s when the first works of art were purchased, and continuing on until today. Here, we take part of older works and different techniques, as well as archives, records and protocols.

On the third floor, works of art are presented that were purchased post 2012. They are selected for a specific location, and bearing in mind the people who are expected to encounter them. These are pieces of art that open spaces to other places and worlds, and that can lead to both identification and distraction.

Publicerad 2017-06-22