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Dig where you stand - Methods and Perspectives on Investigating the Local
Malmö Art Museum and Ystad Art Museum
April 28-29, 2022

Malmö Art Museum and Ystad Art Museum invite to the conference Dig where you stand. The two-day conference focuses on artistic, curatorial and theoretical methods and perspectives that engage with or respond to the notion of ‘the local’, understood as a specific place or context, embedded with layers of social, cultural and historical narratives. The conference includes national and international keynotes, presentations and panel discussions, performances and readings, thereby providing an opportunity for participants to collectively discuss the questions that develop. 



April 28 

Malmö Art Museum, Skovgaardssalen, third floor 


12.00 Guided tour to the exhibition Home 

12.45-13.15 Registration and coffee 

13.15-13.30 Welcome: Kirse Junge-Stevnsborg, director Malmö Art Museum, Anna Johansson, curator Malmö Art Museum & Julia Björnberg, curator Ystad Art Museum, founders of Den platta jorden and organizers of the conference, Joanna Sandell Wright, moderator. 

13.30-14.10 Keynote: Viviana Checchia, Curatorial Diving: Swimming with Simone  

+ Q&A


Session 1: Approaches to the local - Artistic and curatorial methods  

Through artistic and curatorial experiences from Åstorp and Bromölla in Sweden, and the noren territories of Russia, these presentations will discuss different research approaches in relation to local stories and the possibilities to open up for new understandings of a place.  


14.15-14.35 Frida Peterson & Ingela Ihrman, What does Åstorp’s breath smell like?

14.35-14.55 Ekaterina Sharova, Arctic Microhistories of Art

15.00-15.30 S L A M/Moa Lönn and Karin Auran Frankenstein, Shared Kneads while Clay speaks

15.35-16.05 Q&A with Viviana Checchia, Frida Peterson and Ingela Ihrman, Ekaterina Sharova and Moa Lönn and Karin Auran Frankenstein, moderated by Joanna Sandell Wright.

16.05-16.30 Coffee break 


Session 2: Polyphonic voices 

Navigating from a starting point in what might be described as: the concealed, hidden, overlooked or forgotten, this interdisciplinary session will present artistic and curatorial practices that unravel and reveal memories. Focusing on relationships and how we as individuals and collectives choose to narrate and circulate our past while employing notions of “the local” as a point of departure in the creation of various webs of kinship. 


16.30-16.50 SAQMI – The Swedish Archive for Queer Moving Images/Anna Linder and Dagmar Brunow, Curating queer memory work: site-specific and online exhibitions

16.50-17.10 Margarida Nzuzi Waco, Pages Left Blank - Between Memory and War

17.15-17.45 Hanna Wildow, And–akter. somewhere between grey and green

17.50-18.20 Q&A with Anna Linder and Dagmar Brunow, Margarida Nzuzi Waco and Hanna Wildow, moderated by Joanna Sandell Wright.  

18.20-18.30 Closing remark

18.45 Dinner at Kommendantshuset  


April 29 

Ystad Art Museum, auditorium, 2nd floor 


08.07 Train from Malmö Central Station to Ystad, 08.10 from Triangeln 

09.00-09.15 Coffee 

09.15 Welcome: Ýrr Jónasdóttir, director Ystad Art Museum, Anna Johansson, curator Malmö Art Museum & Julia Björnberg, curator Ystad Art Museum, founders of Den platta jorden and organizers of the conference, Joanna Sandell Wright, moderator 

09.25-10.15 Keynote: Lisa Rosendahl, Situated Curatorial Practice: A Practical Example and its Wider Implications + Q&A


Session 3:  The third image 

In this session, artistic methods suggesting ways to approach the ‘third image’, or a systemic state will be presented and discussed. The presentations focus on visualization and materialization of local histories alongside speculative modes of imagining and enacting an imagined future. 


10.25-10.55 Paola Torres Núñez del Prado, The Singing Textiles: Rips and Interweavings of the Local and the Global

11.00-11.20 Kalle Brolin, I am Skåne - coal and sugar in the inner and outer landscape

11.20-11.40 Kaisa Karvinen, LARP and the latent repertoire of urban spatial production 

11.45-12.15 Q&A with Lisa Rosendahl, Paola Torres Núñez del Prado, Kalle Brolin and Kaisa Karvinen, moderated by Joanna Sandell Wright

12.15-12.35 Petra Mölstad, Landskapskynnen (reading in Swedish)

12.35-12.45 Closing remarks 

12.45 Lunch in the studio, 1st floor.  


The conference is realized as part of Den platta jorden - network for artistic research of Scania that is organized by Malmö Art Museum, Ystad Art Museum, Röstånga konsthall, Åstorp konsthall and Tjörnedala konsthall. During 2020-2021, the residency program In search of Scanie was conducted, whereby artists were invited to do artistic research in the region.  


The conference is funded by Region Skåne and Swedish Arts Council.

For more information see: and @denplattajorden on Instagram. 

Publishing as a social Practice 
21-22 november 2019

"Publishing as a social Practice" is a two days encounter to discuss different modes of publishing to highlight their collaborative and experimental implications.
We would like to stress and consider publishing as a way to establish collaborative processes, not only for the dissemination of non-institutionalized knowledge or the presentation of alternative narratives but to enforce modes of relation, acting and working together.

That is why the main focus of this meeting is to highlight publishing projects in which the relationship, engagement and support of the collective action is emphasized. To think together on questions regarding political and emotional implications that these modes of collaboration have, and to inquire questions of authorship and collective labour.

Moreover, we will also dedicate time to think, from an institutional point of view, how to collect and democratise an archive of printed matter. It is important for us to discuss different cases of study that introduce strategies on how a collection can involve a neighboring community, or procedures where the archive is rewritten and activated periodically with the users.

Last but not least, we believe that publishing involves “many” in the process and we would like to celebrate these collective forms. Furthermore we wish to build a net of affections between people interested in collective labour, to get inspiration by looking to different projects and discussions that can trigger key questions concerning publishing. Finally we would like to encourage institutions in the south of Sweden to support the local scene by collecting and funding these forms.

This collective encounter is formulated by visual artist Helena Fernández-Cavada and organized in collaboration with Felicia Tolentino, curator at Ystad Art Museum.


21/11 Thursday "Publishing and institutional narrations"

14.00 Coffee and welcome
Ýrr Jónasdóttir, director of Ystad Art Museum, Felicia Tolentino curator at Ystad Art Museum and Helena Fernández-Cavada, visual artist and organizer of the meeting.

14.30 - 15.45 Mela Dávila, Pia Sandström. The role and contribution of the institution

15.45 - 17.00 Working Session I.

17.00 Short break.

17.15 Carla Zaccagnini. Brazil, Land of the future. A book about the book. Lecture performance.

19.00 Dinner at Grändens Mat

22/11 Friday "Publishing and collective affections"

8.30 - 9.00 Helena Fernández-Cavada introduces the working sessions of the day. Interview to Thomas Millroth on the Ystad Art Museum Artists’ Book collection.

9.15 - 9.45 Olivia Plender. Publishing and collective labour.

9.45 - 10.45 Working Session II.

11 - 11.30 Eva Weinmayr. Situated Collective Publishing: Less Noun, More Verb.

11.30 - 12.30 Working Session III.

12.30 - 13.00 Workshop: Cholophone.

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